Are you looking for an inspiring, direct, and engaging speaker to talk to your organization about diversity and inclusion in technology? Since 2002, Valerie Aurora has spoken to thousands of people around the world on the topics of diversity and inclusion in technology, open source software, and file systems. She brings a unique combination of depth in both D&I topics and software engineering.

Valerie has made a huge positive impact on how I teach, learn and work with customers. Her presentation was better than 2 years of management training at a large organization — and much more fun to listen to. — Christian Sarason

Selected appearances from more than 50 public speaking engagements:

Valerie has also spoken privately at more than 30 tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world.

LOVED LOVED LOVED Valerie Aurora, such a great and relevant speaker. — Anonymous

Valerie’s talks draw on more than fifteen years of experience in diversity and inclusion and technology, including nearly 5 years leading the Ada Initiative and more than 10 years as a software developer at companies including Intel, IBM, and Red Hat. In 2013, she was honored with the O’Reilly Open Source Award, recognizing her contributions to open source software.

Fantastic presenter. Really excellent. Articulate, funny, wise, and a Linux kernel module owner? Amazed to use all those words in one sentence. — Bill Maggs

Valerie is located in San Francisco. Email speaking@frameshiftconsulting.com for more information about booking Valerie to speak at your event.


Focus on Ally Skills: A 30 – 40 minute talk on why we should focus on allies when it comes to diversity and inclusion in tech. Explains why allies have more time, energy, and influence to change tech culture than the targets of oppression, then describes how to improve your ally skills. Given at Google, Netflix, Salesforce, Twitter, Airbnb, IBM, and many others. NB: this is related to but not the same as the 3 hour Ally Skills Workshop.

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The Intolerable Speech Rule: The Paradox of Tolerance for tech companies A 45 minute talk on the Paradox of Tolerance and how tech companies can use it to decide whether or not to allow white supremacists or people with similar ideologies to use their products. More details here.

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File Systems and Feminism: A 10 to 20 minute talk on how I used 10 lines of code and feminism to solve a 40-year-old UNIX file system problem: optimizing file access time updates.

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Fighting Hate Speech in the Workplace A 40 minute talk on how to recognize, name, and fight hate speech in the workplace.

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