Valerie has made a huge positive impact on how I teach, learn and work with customers. Her presentation was better than 2 years of management training at a large organization — and much more fun to listen to. — Christian Sarason

Principal consultant Valerie Aurora speaks on the topics of ally skills and meeting skills. Her speaking career spans more than 20 years and 10 countries.

Fantastic presenter. Really excellent. Articulate, funny, wise, and a Linux kernel module owner? Amazed to use all those words in one sentence. — Bill Maggs

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Focus on Ally Skills: 35 minutes plus Q&A

Why should teaching ally skills be a core part of a modern diversity, equity, and inclusion program? This talk explains why focusing on teaching ally skills to people with power and influence is more effective than changing the behavior of marginalized people. It then describes a dozen specific ally skills such as listening, amplifying marginalized voices, and speaking up when it is uncomfortable. It ends with a 20 minute question and answer period.

Slides (PDF) (Google Docs) (transcript)

Meeting skills: 45 minutes plus Q&A

Meetings can be energizing, productive, and fun! Efficient and effective meetings are also inclusive and respectful meetings. Often, all it takes is one person with some simple meeting skills to change a meeting from frustrating and inefficient to enjoyable and efficient.

The Meeting Skills presentation explains how to prepare and run a meeting effectively and inclusively. This includes skills like:

  • How to get people to spend less time on laptops and phones
  • Why to prepare (and use) an agenda
  • How to use meeting roles such as facilitator, note-taker, gatekeeper, and timekeeper
  • Why to take minutes and distribute them afterwards
  • How to stop people from talking for too long
  • How to help people be heard

Slides (PDF) (PPT)

Video (YouTube) (transcript)