Welcome to the Xero Ally Skills Workshop materials page!

The Ally Skills Workshop is a discussion-oriented workshop that teaches simple everyday techniques you can use to make your workplace and community more inclusive and just. You will learn how to tell when you have the most power and influence—when you can best act as an ally—and how to choose the most effective action to take. You will also learn about systemic changes to advocate for over the long term.

To get the most out of the workshop, you must read the introduction material (5 minutes) or watch the introduction video (15 minutes) no more than 48 hours before your session.

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Before the workshop

During the workshop

After the workshop

If you have attended a workshop, you can ask a follow-up question in Slack in the #ally-skills-cpo-cto channel.

If you’d like to enlist more allies, invite other folks to attend a workshop! See the section on signing up for the workshop above for the links to send.