New: Video of Ally Skills Workshop from Frame Shift Consulting

You can now watch a video of the popular diversity and inclusion training course, the Ally Skills Workshop, from Frame Shift Consulting: Note: Participants’ comments have been edited out to protect the privacy of participants and are instead summarized by the facilitator. The Ally Skills Workshop teaches simple everyday ways for people to use theirContinue reading “New: Video of Ally Skills Workshop from Frame Shift Consulting”

The Intolerable Speech Rule: the Paradox of Tolerance for tech companies

The Paradox of Tolerance says that a tolerant society should be intolerant of one thing: intolerance itself. This is because if a tolerant society allows intolerance to take over, it will destroy the tolerant society and there will be no tolerance left anywhere. What this means for tech companies is that they should not support intolerant speech when it endangers the existence of tolerant society itself.