Religious Beliefs and the Paradox of Tolerance

Someone tells you, “My religious beliefs say that homosexuality and abortion are wrong. When you tell me I can’t express those beliefs in this organization, you are excluding me on the basis of my religion.” What do you do? I can’t give you legal or HR advice, but I can give you an ethical solutionContinue reading “Religious Beliefs and the Paradox of Tolerance”

The Intolerable Speech Rule: the Paradox of Tolerance for tech companies

The Paradox of Tolerance says that a tolerant society should be intolerant of one thing: intolerance itself. This is because if a tolerant society allows intolerance to take over, it will destroy the tolerant society and there will be no tolerance left anywhere. What this means for tech companies is that they should not support intolerant speech when it endangers the existence of tolerant society itself.