New advice column: Dear Ally Skills Teacher

Do you have questions about ally skills—how to use your power and privilege to help those with less—but don’t know who to ask? Now you can ask a professional ally skills teacher! Dear Ally Skills Teacher is a new advice column answering your questions about how to act as an ally in your workplace andContinue reading “New advice column: Dear Ally Skills Teacher”

New: Video of Ally Skills Workshop from Frame Shift Consulting

You can now watch a video of the popular diversity and inclusion training course, the Ally Skills Workshop, from Frame Shift Consulting: Note: Participants’ comments have been edited out to protect the privacy of participants and are instead summarized by the facilitator. The Ally Skills Workshop teaches simple everyday ways for people to use theirContinue reading “New: Video of Ally Skills Workshop from Frame Shift Consulting”

Ally Skills Workshop Train-the-trainers August 7-8 and August 23-24, 2018 (rescheduled)

Do you want to teach people how to use their power and influence to support people of color, women of all races, LGBTQ+ folks, and members of other marginalized groups? Then the Ally Skills Workshop Train-the-trainers is for you! In this all-day class, you will learn to lead (or co-lead) the Ally Skills Workshop, which […]