Ally Skills Workshop

So, you think you’re an ally to the cause of equality? published in the Toronto Star in 2018. Describes an Ally Skills Workshop from Frame Shift Consulting at RightsCon, a conference focused on human rights in the digital age.

A look at Square’s first diversity report and ally training for employees published in TechCrunch in 2017. Describes an Ally Skills Workshop at Square led by facilitators trained by Frame Shift Consulting.

This Anti–Lean In Pioneer Is Teaching Men How to Behave in the Workplace published in New York Magazine’s The Cut in 2016. Another article focusing on the men supporting women aspect of the Ally Skills Workshop.

Smashing the Silicon Valley patriarchy: anti-Lean In strategy puts onus on men published in The Guardian in 2016. Describes the Ally Skills Workshop with a focus on the aspect of it that teaches men to support women, and compares to similar programs.

Google’s ‘bias-busting’ workshops target hidden prejudices published in USA Today in 2015. Describes Google’s version of the Ally Skills Workshop, called Bias Busting, created with training from Valerie Aurora.

Diversity and inclusion in tech

After years of abusive e-mails, the creator of Linux steps aside published in the New Yorker in 2018.

Australian startups now have a code of conduct published in Business Insider Australia in 2018.

The Paradox of Tolerance: should intolerance be tolerated? published in Boing Boing in 2018.

The Tech Industry’s Gender-Discrimination Problem published in the New Yorker in 2017.

Uber’s symbolic gestures don’t signal meaningful change published in in 2017.

Women in Silicon Valley react to allegations of sexism at Uber published in in 2017.

Uber pleads with users deleting the app: ‘We’re hurting’ published on CNN Tech in 2017.

Tech workers picket Palantir in Palo Alto amid ‘Muslim registry’ fears published in Palo Alto Online in 2017.

Tech Workers Pledge To Thwart Trump’s Proposed Muslim Registry aired on local CBS affiliate in 2016.

Tech companies take stand against Muslim registry aired on local ABC affiliate in 2016.