Executive DEI coaching

Executive DEI coaching must be designed from the ground up for the unique challenges leaders face. Frame Shift Consulting specializes in DEI advice and coaching for executives, leaders, and other influential people. We provide an open, non-judgmental, confidential environment for leaders to ask difficult questions, explore new concepts, and practice high stakes encounters. We use the principles behind growth mindset and psychological safety to support leaders in developing their own independent expertise and knowledge.

“Over the years, Valerie’s insights and counsel have made me stronger as a leader and, frankly, better as a person. I’m now much more confident about DEI and to this day I will turn to Valerie occasionally for advice. Most recently she’s helped me work to reduce conflicts and work through some hard DEI issues. I can’t possibly recommend her more highly.”
Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, Founder and former CTO of Tock
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Our DEI coaching is customized to an executive’s specific needs and learning style and delivered on their schedule. We work with leaders to define and achieve their goals. Some common goals include:

  • Speaking confidently about DEI in front of large audiences
  • Critically evaluating DEI recommendations
  • Fostering productive DEI discussion among employees
  • Avoiding common DEI pitfalls and unproductive conflict
  • Solving difficult DEI problems

Our services include:

  • One-on-one DEI coaching
  • Executive team training
  • Practicing specific DEI skills
  • Retainers for rapid consultation on DEI issues

Contact us for a free consultation: contact@frameshiftconsulting.com

“Valerie was the first key partner I worked with who had a structured formal introduction to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. She helped me take abstract concepts and apply them to challenging real world situations. Working with Valerie ahead of time helped establish clear written expectations that ultimately created awareness and reduced unproductive conflict. When conflict did arise, we had a structure in place to handle it efficiently.”

—Anonymous CEO and founder of two tech companies

Our executive coaches

Valerie and Kendall have helped hundreds of leaders grow their understanding of DEI and integrate it into their business goals and operations.

A smiling middle-aged white woman with short bleached blonde hairValerie Aurora is an innovative DEI leader with a background as an executive, software engineer, and entrepreneur. She is the world’s leading provider of ally skills training, which teaches leaders and executives how to use their power and influence to improve DEI. Her clients include Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, Square, and Yelp as well as startups, universities, and nonprofits. Over the last ten years, she has helped hundreds of leaders and executives solve difficult DEI-related problems. Valerie is also an experienced public speaker and author whose work has been covered in The Guardian, USA Today, and the New Yorker.

Black and white headshot of a smiling middle-aged Black man, wearing a beanie and leaning his head on one hand. It feels warm and friendlyKendall Howse is an award-winning designer, marketing strategist, and DEI leader. He advises executives on DEI strategy and communication, designs and facilitates DEI educational programs for leaders, and builds and serves on corporate DEI advisory boards. He has five years experience coaching and advising executives at IBM, Red Hat, and other organizations. Kendall has been an activist and advocate for more than 30 years, focusing on practical anti-racism strategies. He is also an artist, writer, and musician who has lived, worked, or performed across the U.S. and around the world.