The Intolerable Speech Rule: the Paradox of Tolerance for tech companies

The Paradox of Tolerance says that a tolerant society should be intolerant of one thing: intolerance itself. This is because if a tolerant society allows intolerance to take over, it will destroy the tolerant society and there will be no tolerance left anywhere. What this means for tech companies is that they should not support intolerant speech when it endangers the existence of tolerant society itself.

New: post-election Ally Skills Workshop by Kendra Albert

Looking for ally skills training to help you stand up to hateful opinions and actions in the wake of the 2016 U.S. election? Internet researcher, Harvard Law graduate, and activist Kendra Albert created a version of the Ally Skills Workshop that does exactly this. From their web page describing the workshop: The post-election ally skillsContinue reading “New: post-election Ally Skills Workshop by Kendra Albert”

Ally Skills Workshop Train-the-trainers in January 2017

Do you want to teach people how to use their power and influence to support people of color, women of all races, LGBTQ+ folks, and members of other marginalized groups? Then the Ally Skills Workshop Train-the-trainers is for you! In this all-day class, you will learn to lead (or co-lead) the Ally Skills Workshop, whichContinue reading “Ally Skills Workshop Train-the-trainers in January 2017”

A post-election guide to changing hearts and minds

Please take a moment to read the guide we wrote about standing up for your values firmly, compassionately, and persuasively, whether you are speaking to family, friends, or colleagues: A post-election guide to changing hearts and minds On November 8th, the cost of allowing everyday acts of cruelty and oppression to go unchallenged became clearContinue reading “A post-election guide to changing hearts and minds”

Better comebacks for *-ist jokes: Ally Skills Workshop in NYC

Wish you had a better comeback whenever someone makes a sexist joke at work? Tired of reading racist comments on your community’s mailing list and not knowing how to respond without getting in a flame war? The first ever public Ally Skills Workshop in the New York City area is on Saturday, March 5th, fromContinue reading “Better comebacks for *-ist jokes: Ally Skills Workshop in NYC”