Training video for code of conduct first responders

Our new code of conduct training video teaches people how to be the first person to respond to code of conduct violations at a conference or in your community. It covers: How to prepare to take reports What to do when someone comes to you with a report How to intervene in an on-going situationContinue reading “Training video for code of conduct first responders”

When should tech companies refuse to serve hate groups?

Every few months, a tech company faces backlash over providing services to a hate group of some kind. Usually they explain their decision as a commitment to promoting free speech and a fair and open society. But in reality, that tech company SHOULD turn down those clients, precisely BECAUSE it values free speech and aContinue reading “When should tech companies refuse to serve hate groups?”

Want better boundary setting? Train managers first

“My employees have trouble saying no or setting boundaries with their managers. Can you train my employees to be better at boundary setting?” I can – but it’s usually a waste of your time and money. If an employee expects a negative reaction from their manager, they probably won’t set boundaries no matter how muchContinue reading “Want better boundary setting? Train managers first”

Religious Beliefs and the Paradox of Tolerance

Someone tells you, “My religious beliefs say that homosexuality and abortion are wrong. When you tell me I can’t express those beliefs in this organization, you are excluding me on the basis of my religion.” What do you do? I can’t give you legal or HR advice, but I can give you an ethical solutionContinue reading “Religious Beliefs and the Paradox of Tolerance”

Tips for safer Zoom meetings

As many classes and social activities are shifting to online video, harassers are “Zoom-bombing” video calls with pornography and other obnoxious disruptions. Here is a short guide to making your Zoom meetings safer. Before the meeting, the host (the person creating the meeting) should change these Zoom settings (click here to change): Turn on “WaitingContinue reading “Tips for safer Zoom meetings”

Teaching inclusive and engaging online classes

Want to teach online classes that students look forward to? Wondering how to translate your in-person teaching skills to online teaching skills? Join professional online teacher Valerie Aurora as she shares how she keeps students engaged and learning in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Register for this free class on the following dates: Tuesday AprilContinue reading “Teaching inclusive and engaging online classes”

Free code of conduct enforcement book available now

You can now download a free book detailing how to enforce a code of conduct, “How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports,” written by Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner and edited by Annalee Flower Horne. This comprehensive guide includes: Basic code of conduct theory How to prepare to enforce a code of conduct Step-by-stepContinue reading “Free code of conduct enforcement book available now”

The Intolerable Speech Rule: the Paradox of Tolerance for tech companies

On Monday, I’ll be giving a talk at Airbnb about the Paradox of Tolerance and how tech companies can use it to decide whether or not to allow white supremacists to use their products. Here’s the TL;DW version: The Paradox of Tolerance says that a tolerant society should be intolerant of one thing: intolerance itself.Continue reading “The Intolerable Speech Rule: the Paradox of Tolerance for tech companies”