Ally Skills Workshop June 26

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Want to take concrete action to fight injustice, but not sure what to do? In response to popular demand, we are offering an online Ally Skills Workshop open to the general public. Register here:

Friday June 26, 11am – 2pm Pacific Daylight Time

In this workshop, you will learn how to recognize when you have the most power and influence—when you can best act as an ally—and how to take effective action to make your workplace and community better. We will practice responding to and preventing racism, sexism, transphobia, and other kinds of oppression. While the principles in this workshop can be used in any context and everyone is welcome, this particular workshop will be tailored towards salaried tech workers.


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Co-facilitators Valerie Aurora and Kendall Howse bring a combined experience of more than two decades in the tech industry and more than a decade of facilitating in the area of diversity and inclusion. Valerie has taught ally skills to tech workers for more than 8 years, co-founded a non-profit supporting women in open tech/culture, and worked as a software engineer for Intel, IBM, and Red Hat. Kendall is a senior designer at Red Hat, where he co-leads the Black employee resource group, and was a founding member of the Diversity Council at CoreOS.

To learn more about booking the workshop at your organization, email us at

Learn ally skills on Twitter

Frame Shift amplifies marginalized voices and shares resources about acting as an ally on our low-traffic Twitter account, @FrameShiftLLC. Some recent posts:

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