Tips for safer Zoom meetings

A screenshot of a video call showing one woman and three cats

As many classes and social activities are shifting to online video, harassers are “Zoom-bombing” video calls with pornography and other obnoxious disruptions. Here is a short guide to making your Zoom meetings safer.

Before the meeting, the host (the person creating the meeting) should change these Zoom settings (click here to change):

  1. Turn on “Waiting room” feature. (Update: will be on by default starting April 5, 2020.)
  2. Turn off “Allow removed participants to rejoin”, “Allow private chat”, “File transfer”, “Annotation”, “Whiteboard” features.
  3. Set “Screen sharing” to “Host only”.

When scheduling a meeting, the host should:

  1. Create a meeting in Zoom with a random ID and a password (do not use Personal Meeting ID). (Update: meeting password will be on by default starting April 5, 2020.)
  2. Recommended: Do not share the Zoom meeting link publicly, instead make people register with an email address (e.g. using Eventbrite) and email them the Zoom link and password.

During the meeting:

  1. Host assigns “Co-host” status to a trusted person.
  2. The Co-host admits people from the waiting room, removes harassers, and does not admit suspicious people who try to join. (They also mute people who forget to mute themselves after speaking.)
  3. Host transfers host status to people who need to share their screen.
  4. Optional: Lock the meeting after 5 minutes.

If you do all these things, you will have a Zoom meeting with a defensible boundary that you can eject people from if they behave badly. It’s the virtual equivalent of a well-run conference with registration, name tags, physical security, and code of conduct enforcement.

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Change Zoom settings:

Co-host information:

Waiting room, remove participants, lock meeting:

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