Teaching inclusive and engaging online classes

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Want to teach online classes that students look forward to? Wondering how to translate your in-person teaching skills to online teaching skills? Join professional online teacher Valerie Aurora as she shares how she keeps students engaged and learning in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Register for this free class on the following dates:

Tuesday April 7 at 9am – 11am Pacific Daylight Time

Friday April 10 at 9am – 11am Pacific Daylight Time

Wednesday April 22 at 3pm – 5pm Pacific Daylight Time

Here’s what one student said about Valerie’s Ally Skills Workshop:

Loved the format, it was super interactive and didn’t feel like a drag, 3 hours just flew by.”

Topics in this class will include:

  • Best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion in online meetings
  • Building in student participation from the beginning
  • Adapting body language to online presentation
  • Using breakout rooms for group discussion
  • Lighting, background, and microphone set up
  • Using anonymous surveys to improve your class
  • Technical tips for online meeting software

This class will feature ample Q & A time throughout. We also encourage participants to share their own tips for teaching online with the rest of the class.

About the instructor

Valerie Aurora is founder and lead trainer at Frame Shift Consulting, specializing in teaching ally skills to tech companies. She has 8 years of professional training experience, 3 years of online training experiences, and regularly teaches classes from 1 to 6 hours long both online and in person.

Header image CC BY Lisa Zins, CC BY-SA Bill Abbott, marneejill, Frame Shift Consulting LLC