New advice column: Dear Ally Skills Teacher

rainbow_arrowDo you have questions about ally skills—how to use your power and privilege to help those with less—but don’t know who to ask? Now you can ask a professional ally skills teacher!

Dear Ally Skills Teacher is a new advice column answering your questions about how to act as an ally in your workplace and community. The column is written by Valerie Aurora, the leading ally skills teacher in the tech industry. She has taught ally skills to more than 2500 people around the world through the Ally Skills Workshop, and made guest appearances on the Dear Prudence podcast and the Captain Awkward blog. Valerie also draws on her ten years of experience working as a software engineer to answer questions specific to the tech industry.

The first few columns will be based on questions frequently asked in the Ally Skills Workshop, a three hour class that teaches people simple everyday ways to use their power and privilege to support people with less. After that, Valerie will answer questions from readers.

You can read the first column, ask a question, or sign up to get columns by email. We also welcome other folks sharing their experience and advice in the comments of each column.