New: post-election Ally Skills Workshop by Kendra Albert

Looking for ally skills training to help you stand up to hateful opinions and actions in the wake of the 2016 U.S. election? Internet researcher, Harvard Law graduate, and activist Kendra Albert created a version of the Ally Skills Workshop that does exactly this. From their web page describing the workshop:

The post-election ally skills workshop teaches three different intervention styles with different goals. Participants practice basic ally responses, which aim primarily to set norms about acceptable behavior; bystander intervention strategies, which aim to intervene to assist targets of harassment directly; and strategies for talking to defensive people about hard topics, which aim to change minds.

This workshop draws on the techniques from this recent Frame Shift guest post on the Captain Awkward blog about when and how to talk to people who support Trump. Thank you to the San Francisco feminist makerspace Double Union for hosting this workshop (membership applications currently open).

How to get the post-election Ally Skills Workshop

You can ask Kendra to come teach the workshop for your organization (San Francisco Bay Area and Boston preferred). You can also teach the workshop yourself by downloading the freely reusable slides linked to on this page. If you want formal training on teaching an Ally Skills Workshop, Frame Shift Consulting is offering a train-the-trainers for the workshop in January, one in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area and one online, and registration is open now. Frame Shift Consulting can also teach the workshop or recommend other workshop facilitators.

About the workshop creator

Kendra Albert currently works at the legal firm Zeitgeist Law with Marcia Hofmann, and was a research associate at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society for two years. They also teach a trans-focused Ally Skills Workshop and are the founder of the Trans Documentation Funding Project which helps trans people get correct passports.

Kendra Albert teaching the workshop at Double Union